"From the Cellar" by Luca De Marzio


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      Luca's Mystery Box

      "From the Cellar"

      Three Mystery Wines picked by Luca De Marzio, owner of Italian Restaurant Rosa Madre - famous for the quality of the food, the freshness of the products and the range of wines in the cellar.

      These wines are some of Luca's favourites. These beauties are tucked away in the cellar at Rosa Madre but before doors open again, let's have some at home.

      Watch Luca's video about the Mystery Wines.

      - Of course there is some Champagne in the Rosa Madre Mystery Box, but which one?

      - The grape variety of the White Wine is one we all know but this time it's not from the region we usually associate it with. This is my favourite region for white wine at the moment.

      - The Red Wine come from the most widely planted grape variety in my country. It's one of those wines to try at least once in your life.

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