Mosel / Saar / Ruwer

Weingut Egon Müller




Mosel / Saar / Ruwer




Mosel Prädikatswein

Vineyard Size

12 Hectares

Vineyard Age

20- 200 years old


40,000 bottles

Grape Variety



Organic (Not certified)


Cool Continental Climate

Wine Maker

Egon Müller

"One hundred per cent of the quality of a wine is generated in the vineyard"

Soil Specificity

Mosel / Saar / Ruwer is a wine region renowned for its production of white wines. Here Riesling thrives on the slopes of the Mosel river, with its two small tributaries, the Saar and the Ruwer, composing one geographical entity. This region is the most famous of Germany's 13 official wine regions for the production of quality wine. The Scharzhofberg vineyard is compromised of grey slate.

History / Ethos

Jean-Jacques Koch, Egon Müller's great great-grandfather acquired the Scharzhof estate from the "République Française" in 1797 after the French Revolution and the occupation of the West Bank of the Rhine River by the revolutionary government. The Scharzhofberg vineyard was likely planted by the Romans and belonged to the Monastery "St Marien ad Martyres” in Trier from its founding around 700 A. D. through the Middle Ages. Egon Müller's vineyards are exposed to a northerly climate. Due to this, much depends on the vintage and on late harvesting. All of the family's wines are Rieslings. "Scharzhof” is their most basic wine. Qualitätswein by German legal standard, it is made of the grapes from their vineyards in Saarburg, Kanzem and Wawern and from the Wiltinger Braunfels and Wiltinger Kupp vineyards. Only the "Prädikat" wines from the Scharzhofberg and from Wiltinger braune Kupp carry vineyard designations. The Kabinett wines, made from ripe grapes with low alcoholic content constitute the backbone of the production. Spätlese is made from overripe grapes while Auslese and higher qualities are made from grapes attained by noble rot.
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