Loire Valley

Domaine Yannick Amirault




Loire Valley




AOC Bourgueil
AOC St Nicolas de Bourgueil

Vineyard Size

19 Hectares

Vineyard Age

+/- 40 years


90000 bottles

Grape Variety

Cabernet Franc




Moderate maritime climate

Wine Maker

Benoît and his dad Yannick Amirault

"Benoît Amirault produces wonderfully deep, age-worthy wines with dense fruit and smooth tannins."

Soil Specificity

The large variety of soils in the Loire Valley is characterised by diverse natural environments. This region can be sub-divided in four climates, from western coastal regions to inlands - Pays Nantais / Anjou-Saumur / Touraine / Central Vineyards. In Touraine, the basement is composed of tufa chalk, flint, and clays from the Paris Basin. The geological diversity continues on the banks of the Loire and Vienne, made up of sands and gravels rolled by the streams and deposited over ti

A Passionate Lineage

Domaine Yannick Amirault was founded four generations ago by Yannick's grandfather Eugène with a small vineyards bordering the town of Bourgueil. Not only is Yannick Amirault undisputedly the greatest producer in Bourgeuil, he is also one of the finest red wine makers in the entire Loire. His wines are standard issue on the best wine lists throughout France. The arrival of Benoît in the early 2000s maintained the desire of quality while respecting the environment. The key factors to reach this level of quality lie in low yields, small production, and meticulous care in both the vineyard and the cellar.
Domaine Yannick Amirault
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