Rhône Valley

Domaine Pascal Chalon




Rhône Valley


Southern Rhône


AOC Côtes du Rhône Villages

Vineyard Size

30 Hectares

Vineyard Age

+/- 35 years


120000 bottles

Grape Variety





Moderate continental climate

Wine Maker

Pascal Chalon

“Pascal Chalon produces elegant wines, which are great examples of delicacy and finesse."

Soil Specificity

The soils in the Rhone Valley are the result of a geological collision between the Massif Central and the Alps, creating the valley. This region can be split into two sub-regions, Northern and Southern Rhône. Successive layers of fluvial and calcareous marine sediments formed reliefs and geological diversities in the Southern Rhône. The valley’s soils consists nowadays of four different types of rock: granite, sandy silica, limestone and clay. Here the bedrock plays a major role by allowing different access to water and nutrients depending on the soils compositions.

A Passionate Lineage

Domaine Pascal Chalon was created in 2002 with vineyards around the city of Visian. The domain does not go so much in appellations, so wines are called “Côtes du Rhône". The vineyards belonged to Pascal's grandmother or his father. Although he hails from a family of grape growers, it was never his intention to become a wine maker. A friend introduced him to winemaking techniques and thus a change in direction and career. Until 2011, the fields have been certified Biodynamic, but he abandoned the "Demeter" certified approach, finding it too rigid and not applicable to his own vineyards. Like many recently he has begun to question the long term effects of copper treatments on the soils. He now ploughs his own furrow and is still certified Organic.
Domaine Pascal Chalon
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