Rhône Valley

Clos des Papes




Rhône Valley


Southern Rhône


AOC Châteauneuf du Pape

Vineyard Size

35 Hectares

Vineyard Age

+/- 30 years


200000 bottles

Grape Variety

Châteauneuf du Pape Blend




Moderate continental climate

Wine Maker

Vincent Avril

“Vincent Avril produces outstanding wines, elegant, rich, and pure.”

Soil Specificity

The soils in the Rhone Valley are the result of a geological collision between the Massif Central and the Alps, creating the valley. This region can be split into two sub-regions, Northern and Southern Rhône. Successive layers of fluvial and calcareous marine sediments formed reliefs and geological diversities in the Southern Rhône. The valley’s soils consists nowadays of four different types of rock: granite, sandy silica, limestone and clay. Here the bedrock plays a major role by allowing different access to water and nutrients depending on the soils compositions.

A Passionate Lineage

Clos des Papes belongs to the Avril family. This estate has long been one of the appellation's reference points for wine. Clos des Papes has been on a roll since the 1998 vintage producing year after year some of the appellation's greatest wines. The vineyards is divided into 24 different plots and they use six different grape varieties for the red and six for the white. The geographical spread of the plots is very important as it permits the earliest ripening grapes to be planted in the coolest parts and the latest in the warmest. The patchwork nature of the soils is obviously also a significant contributor to the overall complexity of the wines.
Clos des Papes
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