Galicia / Asturias

Adega Entre os Ríos




Galicia / Asturias




Barbanza e Iria VdlT

Vineyard Size

4 Hectares

Vineyard Age

+/- 40 years


15000 bottles

Grape Variety



Following Organic Guidelines


Moderate to warm maritime climate

Wine Maker

Jose Crusat

“Jose Crusat pays attention to details in vineyard and cellar to produce joyful white wines."

Soil Specificity

The soils in Galicia / Asturia are located between the Atlantic coast, the Serra dos Ancares mountain, and Portugal to the south. Galicia is a well know wine making region of Spain, while Asturias might be better known for cider. The vineyard soils in Galicia range from granite in the Rías Baixas area to slate in the Valdeorras region. In Asturias, the soils are composed of slate.

History / Ethos

Adega Entre os Ríos is a small familly owned vineyard located on the slopes of the Barbanza peninsula, in the Rías Baixas. The orientation of the vineyards towards the south-west, the natural viticulture, the granite and schists soils, and the use of the most modern technologies in the cellar are the key components towards higher quality wines. The vines are primarily albariño that comes from the old plants of the Merced convent, and were selected and recovered more than 35 years ago. In the making of wines, Jose Crusat respects tradition to the maximum, but subjects it to the criticism of the current oenological science.
Galicia - Adega Entre os Ríos
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